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12 Sensual Strategies for Mastering Oral Pleasure

Greetings, and welcome to the splendid month of October! As the weather cools down and we find ourselves enjoying leisurely strolls in pleasant conditions, it's an ideal time to focus on indulging in the delights of intimate pleasure.

In my role as an Orgasm Coach, I've had the privilege of guiding many individuals towards achieving their first or enhanced orgasms. I've dedicated a substantial amount of time with my clients exploring this subject in-depth.

The Unexpected Incident

A recent incident left me both startled and dismayed. During one of my virtual events, "Sexy Talk and Play," which I traditionally held in person at a local bar before transitioning to Zoom due to the pandemic, I encountered a shocking disruption. As I was discussing techniques for G-spot stimulation involving the use of fingers, an unforeseen interruption occurred. I was subjected to offensive language, including racial slurs and derogatory comments directed at me. My heart raced with disbelief, and the chat filled with inquiries about unrelated topics like fisting and derogatory terms.

I took to social media to share this unsettling experience, only to discover that many others had faced similar disruptions during their online meetings, with even instances of explicit content being shared in children's Zoom classes. This is deeply troubling, and we must address how to prevent such incidents from occurring. Individuals are hacking into meetings and engaging in profoundly distressing behavior, an unfortunate and disheartening development.

*Tip: When organizing Zoom meetings, utilize the waiting room feature and implement password protection to enhance security.

Mastering the Art of Fellatio

This unfortunate disruption occurred during a crucial discussion on the art of giving and receiving oral pleasure, specifically focusing on fellatio. I provided tips on how to excel in this intimate practice, emphasizing the importance of maintaining adequate lubrication for the recipient's enjoyment.

Fellatio Insights:
1. Approach fellatio with enthusiasm rather than as a routine task, as your excitement heightens your partner's pleasure and leads to more fulfilling orgasms.
2. Pay close attention to the sensitivity of the penis shaft and head to experiment with pressure and tongue techniques.
3. Learn to interpret your partner's sexual responses, guiding them on an exhilarating journey toward orgasmic bliss.

oral sex

Mastery of Cunnilingus

Cunnilingus Mastery Tips:
1. Utilize your entire mouth to caress the entire external vaginal area.
2. Apply gentle pressure to the vulva with your hand to stimulate the internal clitoris, increasing sensitivity in the external regions.
3. *Note: If the clitoris becomes overly sensitive and uncomfortable for your partner, use the clitoral hood as a protective buffer. If this doesn't alleviate discomfort, avoid direct contact with the clitoris or take a brief pause.
4. Begin by delicately licking and sucking the outer and inner labia, and consider nibbling if desired.
5. Employ a firm tongue to explore the vaginal entrance, where numerous nerve endings reside. Use a flat, relaxed tongue to glide from the perineum to the base of the vulva while adding moisture to enhance friction.
6. If using a dental dam, apply lubricant to maintain optimal wetness.
7. As your partner becomes more engaged, indicated by increased thigh pressure or a gentle pressing of your face, persist in your efforts until orgasm is reached.
8. Unless instructed otherwise, avoid prematurely discontinuing your actions during climax, as sudden changes in position or pressure can disrupt the orgasmic experience.
9. If desired, proceed to penetration to prolong the journey and explore multiple orgasms.

Is Oral Sex Exclusively Foreplay?

Oral sex is commonly regarded as a form of foreplay, but it deserves recognition as a standalone act. I advocate for expanding the scope of foreplay to encompass erogenous zones, with oral sex being a vital component. The more you arouse your partner's anticipation for the sexual encounter you're about to provide, the more satisfying the outcome will be.

Engage in open communication with your partner to gain insights into their pleasure preferences. Avoid imposing preconceived notions from previous experiences with others. Every vulva and penis is unique, necessitating tailored stimulation. If your fellatio routine has become routine, it's time to shake things up by actively listening to your partner's desires and delivering an orgasmic experience tailored to their preferences.

In case you haven't noticed, effective communication plays a pivotal role in achieving orgasmic bliss. Rather than treating your partner's desires like a Rubik's Cube, with complex maneuvers attempting to align colors, actively listen and share your own orgasmic preferences. By guiding your partner, they can make adjustments to elevate your pleasure to new heights, offering you the most extraordinary orgasmic experience imaginable.

In Conclusion

I may find it challenging to think about oral pleasure without recalling the unfortunate incident of Zoom hacking. However, I choose to believe that the disruption was unrelated to the conversation, and my skin color was merely exploited for a hateful jest. It is crucial that we continue to have open discussions about sexuality. To keep things sexy, I intend to revisit the topic of oral pleasure later this month.

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