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13 Things All Long-Term Couples Should Try In Bed

If you have been in a long-term relationship, you may be looking for some fresh ideas to spice up the bedroom.It's actually quite normal and common for couples to feel like they've exhausted all their options for new experiences. So don't worry, a little creativity and exploration can go a long way. Here's a guide to 13 things long-term couples can try to rekindle their intimate lives:

Playing with power

Consider the dynamics of control in sexual behavior. Take turns taking charge or initiating intimate moments when exploring. With clear consent and communication, you can try to make changes, for example, becoming more submissive or more assertive. This can involve various forms of dominance and submission from both partners, from gentle activities such as using blindfolds and silk scarves to more intense elements such as bondage and power play.

Seducing your partner

Rediscover the art of seduction. As a relationship matures, couples can fall into a routine when it comes to lovemaking, forgetting how seductive and arousing sex is supposed to be. Rejuvenate by undressing each other, initiating passionate make-out sessions or sending tantalizing text messages throughout the day.

Focus on your senses

Enhance your sexual experience by living in the moment. Focus on your senses - what you see, hear, smell, taste and feel. Avoid extraneous thoughts or sensations in the moment to avoid distraction or worry.

Seduction Bowls

Create a "Seduction Bowl" by writing your desires and fantasies on a separate bowl. Include a variety of sexual positions, games and behaviors. When you're in the mood, pull cards out of the bowl to stimulate intimate activity. This will make for a fun night out.


Sex can be selfish at times, occasionally focusing only on your own pleasure during sex. Know your desires, communicate them to your partner, and keep them focused on meeting your needs. In return, you can return that selfless attention.


Don't be afraid to add some kink to your sex life. If your relationship is based on love and respect, you can explore the sexual side without feeling guilty. Be willing to mix gentle lovemaking with unkempt, more unconventional activities. This is to expand your sexual horizons while maintaining a deep connection.

Have sex on a regular basis

Think of sex as exercise; regularity builds stamina and keeps things flowing. Set aside time for lovemaking without the pressure to have sex. Engage in a variety of sexual activities such as oral sex, admiring each other's bodies or passionate make-out sessions.

Create a sexual toolbox

Create a sexual toolbox filled with items such as vibrators, erotic literature, costumes or other props. These can add variety and excitement to your sexual experience.

The box with the toys.

Let sex evolve

Recognize that your sexual relationship will change over time. Embrace the adaptations that occur with age, experience or physical changes. Try new positions and pathways to pleasure.

Become vulnerable

Intimacy is often enhanced when you allow yourself to be vulnerable. It involves maintaining eye contact, being honest about your desires, and showing your true self. Vulnerability is about being authentic and present in your sexuality.

Don't be an expert

Give yourself permission to not be an expert. When you release the pressure to perform perfectly, you open the door to experimentation, learning and curiosity. It will stop your sex life from becoming routine.

Sleep naked

Sleeping without clothes can remove barriers to intimacy. It fosters a deeper connection with your partner as you become more aware of each other's bodies. In addition, it can lead to more spontaneous moments of intimacy.

Touch Yourself

Explore your own body for pleasure. This practice can help you understand your desires and build a stronger connection with your body. It allows you to communicate better with your partner and improve your sex life.
Remember that a healthy sexual relationship in a long-term partnership takes work.

touch oneself

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