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6 signs that a man can't make it down there, and 5 points to start preventing it!

Before that, do you know when you started to show signs of declining sexual power? Identify if your sexual power is declining... When is the most important time to start preventing men's problems, and in what ways can you tell the signs of physiological decline? Today's article takes a comprehensive look at the signs that a man's physical ability is starting to go downhill.

Feeling weak from time to time

Often do not feel that their bodies are weak, no spirit, do a little labor will feel physically exhausted, in the sex life also often feel that there is no energy or physical recovery abnormally slow.

Lack of interest in sex

The idea of daily interest in sex began to significantly reduce the young unconsciously will think of men and women love things, ding ding involuntarily will rise, and with the growth of age, the feeling of this aspect is gradually reduced to a certain stage of the basic will not appear ding ding involuntarily rise.

Weight gain and stomach enlargement

Sudden weight gain, the stomach does not feel up, may be men's metabolism is weakened, the signs of gastrointestinal deterioration, but also the overall state of the male physiological decline in a trend, and often this time the performance of the time of the house will also be reduced.


Increase in urinary blisters

Another sign of weakened sexuality is that every time you urinate, you will find an increase in urine bubbles, indicating that at this time the male kidney function has been a problem, and the libido began to decline gradually.

Loss of vision

When your eyesight was good, it suddenly starts to become blurry and your eyes are often tired. In most cases, this is because the blood circulation in the body is affected and the metabolism of the optic nerve is impaired, thus causing vision loss. When blood circulation in the male body starts to weaken, the performance of physiological ability will also deteriorate.

Loss of appetite

Men's appetite is normally good, put aside the serious obese people, usually the more able to eat men, physiological ability will be relatively more powerful. When men begin to poor appetite, or even anorexia, it will be followed by a weakening of sexual power. At this time, we must pay attention to, men's daily diet should be balanced, eat more for men more helpful food and easy to digest food to the gastrointestinal regulation.

5 things to do to prevent sexual decline

1.Face with a normal heart

Many men find themselves in a physical state of decline, the psychological began to be anxious, all kinds of anxiety and restlessness in the body.

In fact, the more in the bad situation, we men need to maintain a good state of mind, with a normal heart to deal with all this, in the psychological guidance to themselves, only the body and mind relaxation will not let the problem become more serious.

Good mood is conducive to men's health, with a normal heart to face, is conducive to not anxious not panic conditioning, as the saying goes, a lot of men are in a hurry, there is a sick mess to seek medical treatment, and ultimately the body to get out of the way.

2.Be sure to exercise more

Exercise is not only good for men's health, but it can also help prevent men's health problems from occurring.

Men who don't exercise for a long time are more likely to get all kinds of men's problems, while the probability of suffering from men's physical problems is much lower if you keep exercising for a long time.

At least 3 times a week exercise, running, squatting, all kinds of aerobic exercise, etc., regular sports, you will feel physically energetic, and in turn will be more interested in sex.

3.Adequate sleep

Sleep is the best way for men to get enough essence, and it is also the least expensive and most effective way.

Sleeping man

Many men have formed the habit of staying up late to eat late-night snacks, not only to sleep late but also to consume all kinds of high-calorie, high-fat food, resulting in their dietary irregularities, the formation of a poor biological clock work and rest, physiological ability to deteriorate.

It is recommended that men should ensure that 7-8 hours of sleep every day, to eliminate night snacking, resulting in sleeplessness and insomnia affect the physiological essence.

4.Focus on a healthy diet

As a man who wants to prevent male physiological problems, remember to eat less spicy, fatty, too salty, too cold food, eat more eggs, dairy products, beans, seafood, eat more food containing vitamin A, vitamin E more.

Healthy Eating

5.Pay attention to sex life

The establishment of a high-quality sex life, both to let themselves reach the best state, but also to let women enjoy the most comfortable feelings.

Sex time is not easy to seek more, according to their own situation 1-3 times a week can be, men should know how to bring into the rhythm, appropriate foreplay teasing to make women more interested.

More communication between the two sexes, more communication, do not hard on. The reason why many men are not interested, and gender disharmony is also related. So be sure to cultivate a good relationship between the two, to create a more comfortable and harmonious house conditions.

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