Flavoured Lubes

A Guide To Flavoured Lubes

Presently, I'm excited to delve into a captivating category of lubricants, delving deeper into those designed to enhance intimate moments with sensational effects. Additionally, I'll explore the realm of mouth-watering flavored lubricants. Welcome to my comprehensive guide on flavored and special-effect lubricants.

Key Characteristics

Flavored lubricants and lubricants with special effects bring an extra dimension to your intimate encounters, elevating the experience beyond mere basic lubrication.

The foundation for flavored lubricants is often water, making them suitable for both oral enjoyment and reducing friction during shared sensual activities. Water serves as a much more agreeable and safer component for lubricants intended for ingestion (in moderate amounts, naturally) compared to substances like silicone or oil.

In the past, the variety of flavors available for sex lubes was rather limited. Cherry, banana, and mint were among the most prevalent options. I recall the excitement when Durex introduced a strawberry flavor years ago. Nowadays, the range has expanded considerably, encompassing flavors like bubble gum, pink lemonade, butterscotch, salted caramel, tiramisu, cinnamon, and even prosecco and gin & tonic!

Special effects lubricants deliver exactly what they promise on their labels. These lubricants introduce unique "special features" to enhance your intimate encounters. These effects might encompass added warmth, gentle to icy cool sensations, tantalizing tingling, mild numbing, and more.

As always, exercising prudence in selecting and using lubricants is crucial. Thoroughly reviewing the product description or label before purchasing ensures you are fully informed about the specific benefits of the lubricant, its precise composition, and helps you steer clear of any ingredients to which you might have sensitivities.

Ideal For…

Flavored lubricants are a wonderful choice for individuals who relish or want to experiment with the pleasures of oral sex or exploring their partner's body with their tongue. Given that these lubricants are typically water-based, they seamlessly complement the use of sex toys during your intimate escapades, regardless of the toy's material composition.

Blowjobs (fellatio) and the art of tantalizing the vulva area, clitoris, and vaginal entrance (cunnilingus) can be elevated to new heights with a touch of flavored lube, available in a diverse array of delectable flavors.

Special effects lubricants come into their own when injecting a fresh sensation into your amorous sessions, particularly if you're seeking to break free from monotony or infuse excitement into both solo pleasure sessions and the intimacy of a long-standing partnership.

Flavoured Lubes

Less Suitable For...

The delectable flavors found in many flavored lubricants often stem from the inclusion of glycerin. As we've explored in my other guides on lubricants, glycerin (along with other sugars) can lead to vaginal irritation, albeit not for everyone with a vagina, but for a significant number. While it can be challenging to locate flavored lubes devoid of glycerin, it's indeed possible. For those sensitive to glycerin yet eager to savor the delights of flavored lubricants, embarking on the search and investing a few extra coins for the right option is well worthwhile.

I've observed that flavored lubricants sometimes compromise their slipperiness in favor of taste. Therefore, if your primary aim is a smooth glide rather than an oral enhancement to foreplay and intercourse, you might consider exploring an alternative type of lubricant.

Special effects lubricants also frequently incorporate ingredients in their formulations that could trigger adverse reactions in those with particularly sensitive intimate areas. I bring this to your attention based on the plethora of lubricant reviews generously shared here on the Cara Sutra sex blog by my esteemed guest reviewers, which, on occasion, have detailed instances of intimate discomfort or irritation.

The usual culprits for irritation arising from special effects lubes are those that introduce a warming or tingling sensation to the skin. Ordinarily, I suggest conducting a lubricant patch test on the surface of your chosen sex toy to gauge any potential negative outcomes. However, in the context of special effect lubricants, I strongly recommend dabbling a small amount onto your skin before diving into the "heat of the moment."

Skin & Intimate Area Patch Trials

Begin by applying a small amount on a region that's more sensitive but not intimate, such as the underside of your forearm. Pay attention to whether you can perceive the intended effect and note any sensations, be they pleasant or uncomfortable. If all is well, consider progressing to a tiny application in a more intimate area, preferably when you're alone and have both the time and uncomplicated access to warm soapy water. Vigilance is paramount!

Following these preliminary trials, you'll be equipped to embark on your pleasure-filled escapades with the assurance that your chosen lubricant won't lead to any adverse reactions during your intimate encounters. Of course, if your intentions involve shared play, both parties should ensure the selected lube doesn't trigger discomfort or irritation before immersing themselves in the experience.

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