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Body lubricants, do they hurt women more or men?

According to the survey data, 78.7% of the female group in the process of sexual life in the private dry problem. Many women in the sex life, due to the dryness of the private parts encountered intercourse pain, can not experience pleasure, and sometimes even reject sex, couples are prone to conflict, affecting the relationship. At this time, many people will choose to use lubricants to increase the degree of wetness of the private parts, easy to sexual intercourse. But at the same time there will be many people worried about the use of lubricants are harmful to the human body?


Of course there is such a concern is certainly, now we come to talk about, lubricants on the human body, which aspects of the harm? And how can we avoid them? Before that, let's get to know lubricants.

Can lubricants really make a couple's life, happier?

Lubricant is suitable for women with dry private parts and painful sexual intercourse, they are sexually aroused during lovemaking will make the vaginal mucosa secrete a lot of mucus, and with age, the body's sex hormone level decreases, resulting in a decrease in the secretion of the private parts, it is easy to friction during sexual intercourse and injuries, pain, and serious infections, making sexual intercourse can not be carried out again. The role of lubricants is to alleviate this discomfort. There are three main types of lubricants available on the market, namely water-based, oil-based and silicone-based.

Water-based lubricants are the most common because they are soluble, easily accepted by the body, less prone to allergies, and wash well. In addition, water-based lubricants do not dissolve latex, which means they can be used with condoms. Oil-based lubricants are not easy to clean and will dissolve latex, but the lubrication effect is long-lasting. Silicone-based lubricants maintain the advantages of oil-based lubricants, which have a long-lasting effect and don't dissolve latex, so silicone-based lubricants are the ones that are used on condoms. Each of the three lubricants has its own characteristics, but all through the female private moisturizing lubrication, pain relief, protection of the vaginal mucosa, so that sexual intercourse is normal, women will not only no longer resist, but also experience pleasure, couples of sexual intercourse is more harmonious, feelings are more likely to heat up. It can be seen that the use of lubricants is the easiest way to improve the dryness of the private parts, but also at the same time to bring some of the concerns of women. Be wary of these safety hazards associated with lubricants!

These concerns are warranted, and lubricant use does have an impact on our bodies in several ways:

Improper use and unforeseen events

The first time to use lubricant may not know where to use, do not know how much to use the amount, some people apply too much, affecting the pleasure, sometimes used together with condoms, easy to take off the condom in the phenomenon of love, and even left behind in the body, the body into the foreign body will cause the body to self-prevention, in serious cases, the tissues will be ulcerated, the need to go to the hospital to take out in a timely manner.

Improper cleaning and infection

If we don't wash the lubricant carefully after using it, the lubricant will have residue in the private parts, which will easily have bacteria breeding, affecting the vaginal flora and increasing the incidence of gynecological diseases. The same problem occurs if you over-clean, not only bacteria breeding, but also will break the acidic environment of the private parts, causing vaginitis, which will make the dryness of the private parts become more serious, and the environment of the private parts is no longer conducive to the survival of the sperm, resulting in the difficulty of conception.

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Long-term use affects self-cleaning ability

Long-term use of lubricants will affect the distribution of bacteria in the private parts, destroy the acidic environment of the vagina, reduce the self-cleaning ability of the vagina, so that women are prone to vaginitis, cervicitis and other gynecological diseases, so that more microbial reproduction, vulvar itching, burning sensation, increased secretion, leukorrhoea color, state, smell abnormal. Although long-term use of lubricants does affect our body, but does not affect the pregnancy, and even some lubricants advertised as having a contraceptive effect, however, we should not believe, want to contraception or need to use the aid of condoms. And these easily occurring effects can be avoided in life, as long as the standardized use of lubricants, you can minimize the impact of lubricants on us and reduce the harm to the human body.

How can I minimize the damage caused by lubricants?

1.Choose the right lubricant lubricant selection needs to follow a principle, that is, simple ingredients, colorless and tasteless, giving priority to water-soluble and silicone. So we choose the lubricant must choose the chemical substances less, some will have a faint flavor, those flavors are added spices and appear, this lubricant is very easy to lead to the occurrence of allergic phenomena in the private parts. In order to prevent the occurrence of allergies, generally choose water-soluble and silicone lubricants, because these two types of lubricants relative to the oil-based lubricants easier to clean, the impact on the private parts of the very small, does not affect the environment of the vagina, the long-term use of the harm to our body is also small.

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If there is redness, swelling, heat and pain in the private parts and small rashes during use, it means that the body is allergic to one of the components of the lubricant and should be stopped immediately and cleaned up. It is recommended that you can test it behind your own ear before using it to see if you will develop an allergy, it will be safer. To prevent allergies, it is also important to note that you should not use any kind of lubricant substitute, such as saliva, which can also be partially moisturizing, but should not be used as a lubricant substitute. Saliva contains a lot of bacteria and a wide variety of bacteria that can easily become infected, and the probability of infection is increased if there is a wound on the private parts. In addition to saliva, do not use petroleum jelly as a substitute for lubricant. Petroleum jelly is difficult to clean and tends to leave a residue in the private parts, again increasing the chance of infection. In addition to not using alternatives, it is also important to note that lubricants also have a shelf life, do not use expired lubricants to avoid adverse reactions.

2.carefully cleaned after use lubricant if not timely clean, will have a certain impact on the internal environment of the vagina, induced gynecological inflammation and other diseases, for men not carefully clear, reproductive organs will breed a lot of bacteria, not conducive to good health. If you are using a water-soluble lubricant, simply rinse with water after use, do not over-clean, so as not to affect the internal environment of the vagina. If the lubricant used is silicone, not very clean, so when cleaning need to use soap, body wash to clean, to avoid residue in the vagina, but do not rub vigorously, cleaning also need to be soft, because the skin of our private parts is relatively fragile.

3.Pay attention to the use of methods we use lubricants, you can first squeeze in the hand, rub warm and wipe in the private parts. In the process of use must pay attention to the dosage, too much dosage will affect the effect, reduce the sense of excitement, and if and condom joint use, applying too much, will happen to take off the phenomenon of condom. The first time you use it, if there is no way to determine the amount, you can initially use a smaller dose, the size of a coin is recommended, slowly according to their own and each other's feelings little by little increase in the amount of skillful use can be directly in accordance with their favorite amount to use. In addition to pay attention to the dosage, in the use of lubricants to avoid accidental contact with the eyes, once found that the body is uncomfortable timely medical treatment, to prevent endangering the health of the body. In addition, after the use of lubricants do not need to be placed in the refrigerator, room temperature storage can be.

4.private skin is broken when prohibited from using private skin is broken easily let the chemical ingredients in the lubricant invasion, infection of the vagina, easy to lead to local inflammation, or even pus. In this case, the couple will be because of the friction of the pain, so that the private parts of the bacterial attack, it is recommended that in the private parts of the broken avoid couples, and do not use lubricants to alleviate the pain. You should take care of it in time, use the appropriate treatment cream, and wait for the damage to recover before having sex.

5.lubricant is not the only way lubricant can wet our private parts, let us experience the pleasure of love, and sometimes even play a protective role on our private parts, reduce the incidence of inflammation. However, lubricants do not treat the symptoms, and the long-term use of large quantities of the body will still have a certain effect. If the dryness of the private parts is caused by a drop in hormones, you can supplement estrogen or use recombinant type III humanized collagen vaginal gel as prescribed by your doctor. If it is due to nervousness, you can increase the time of foreplay, through the stimulation of touching and kissing, to improve female sexual excitement and increase vaginal secretion. Improve the dryness of the private parts should also pay attention to a healthy lifestyle, regular work and rest, quit smoking and drinking, relax, vent pressure, appropriate exercise, do not over clean their private parts, usually can supplement some vitamin B2, these are conducive to the relief of the dryness of the private parts. If there are some problems with the other half of the relationship, timely communication, usually arrange some family activities, communication, conducive to warm feelings, but also conducive to the harmony of sexual life.

In short, the use of lubricants is an effective way to solve the problem of dryness in the private parts, sexual intercourse is difficult, the usual use of the process as long as the selection of appropriate lubricants, the use of the use of the correct method of use, the use of the correct cleaning of the private parts after the use of the lubricants can reduce the harm to the human body, in addition to our attention to their usual habits, the case of serious and timely medical treatment, and actively carry out the treatment.

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