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My dear, do you understand the importance of afterplay?

If you don't know what afterplay is, at least know what foreplay is! Foreplay is the initial stage where both partners start to engage in sexual intimacy. It is followed by a climax, one after another. And after climax comes afterplay—the anticipation of the next passionate phase. Even if there isn't another round of lovemaking immediately afterplay can still be used to heighten future anticipation.

In the book "Afterplay: The Key to Intimacy" published in 1979, a survey of 264 American men and women was conducted. The majority of them fell asleep within an hour after lovemaking, while the rest expressed dissatisfaction with afterplay. Couples who had a satisfying afterplay experience acknowledged that their intimate relationship was also in a good place.


Though sexual intimacy is an instinct, many people believe they can navigate it without guidance, while others are willing to actively learn and explore.

However, in the process of learning and exploring, we often overly focus on foreplay and the main act, neglecting afterplay.

But remember—foreplay, climax, and afterplay are equally important. A wonderful interplay experience will undoubtedly leave you both wanting more and create unforgettable memories.

So today, let's talk about some tips for afterplay.

During afterplay, put down your phone

Imagine this: After an intense session of lovemaking, your partner picks up their phone and starts scrolling through it...

Believe me, someone who doesn't respect their partner can instantly kill the passion that was just ignited...

After sexual intimacy, continue embracing each other for a while. Let every cell in your body, from the back to the toes, feel the warmth of each other.

At the same time, give a gentle kiss, whether it's on the forehead, cheek, lips, neck, or any part of the body. It's up to you to decide.

During afterplay, let's have a bubble bath together

Taking a bath can help relax the heightened passion from earlier while maintaining the sense of intimacy from the bed. It's also a thoughtful gesture to gently apply shower gel and give each other a massage.

However, ladies, pay attention! The clitoral area is delicate after sex, and soaking in excessively moist places can easily breed bacteria, which is not beneficial for intimate health.

During sex, there may be some intense friction in the intimate area. Therefore, after lovemaking, never directly use the showerhead to rinse the vagina! Additionally, try to avoid using harsh cleansers to clean the vagina.

bath afterplay

During afterplay, have a little drink

After lovemaking, you can have a drink together, snuggle in bed, and enjoy the romantic atmosphere. It can also warm and satisfy your stomach!

If you're unsure which drink to choose, you can opt for low-alcohol wine. Wine can promote blood circulation and help relax the body.

Engage in communication or listen to your partner's breath

Some people like to play soft music while cuddling together, while others enjoy listening to the sounds of nature. Whatever you both prefer is fine!

Communication between partners is essential during intimate moments. Share pillow talk and discuss the wonderful sensations you just experienced. Offering more compliments to each other can effectively boost confidence and self-esteem.

Sometimes, just lying together after lovemaking and listening to each other's breath can be a form of sensual intimacy as well.

During afterplay, help your partner get dressed

Cuddling together after lovemaking is a wonderful experience for both partners. It enhances the sense of intimacy and security between you.

If it's not time for sleep, you can slowly help your partner button up their clothes, adjust their collar, or ask them to assist you with fastening your bra or zipper. These thoughtful gestures demonstrate your love and care.

Even if you've been together for a long time, don't overlook these small details. After all, "love" is manifested in these considerate gestures. 

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