Conception and Gender Selection

Decoding the Secrets of Conception and Gender Selection

The enigma of procreation, coupled with the quest for gender preference, has fascinated many. The optimal positions for achieving pregnancy and influencing the gender of your future child have been subjects of intrigue. It's intriguing how small adjustments can potentially impact such significant outcomes.

Exploring Fertility Positions and Strategies

When it comes to maximizing the chances of conception, the recommended position is still the classic Missionary, but with a creative twist: elevate the pelvis with a strategically placed pillow. This elevates the pelvis, allowing semen to accumulate around the cervix, expediting its journey through the cervical passage. Equally crucial is the woman's orgasm, as it alkalinizes the vaginal environment and propels uterine contractions, aiding the sperm in their quest to fertilize the egg. Given that only a quarter of women achieve orgasm during intercourse, incorporating a vibrator for clitoral stimulation alongside penetration can enhance the likelihood of climax. In cases where a woman has a tipped uterus or cervix, the Doggie-style position offers optimal conditions, elevating the uterus and cervix to align with the vaginal opening while granting the man greater control for deeper penetration.

Post-coital douching should be strictly avoided, as it can disrupt the vaginal pH balance and flush away cervical fluid, which plays a pivotal role in aiding sperm on their journey to the egg.

When using lubricants, it's essential to opt for sperm-friendly options, as some lubricants inadvertently harm sperm. Pre~Seed, a widely acclaimed sperm-friendly lubricant, stands out as the sole product subjected to rigorous independent research studies. Dr. Joanna Ellington, a scientist specializing in sperm physiology, pioneered its creation.

For men, maintaining a cool genital temperature is crucial for a healthy sperm count, necessitating the avoidance of hot Jacuzzis, baths, and saunas.

Conception and Gender Selection

The Power of Timing in Conception

Precision in timing holds the key to successful conception. Intercourse should ideally occur one or two days prior to ovulation and again on the day of ovulation, as most women are fertile within this fertility window.

The Shettles Theory prescribes different timing strategies for gender selection. To conceive a boy, it advises insemination as close as possible to ovulation, allowing the faster Y-sperm to reach the egg first. To conceive a girl, intercourse should take place 2½ to 3 days before ovulation. Dr. Landrum Shettles claimed an impressive 75% to 90% success rate for this home-based method.

Conversely, the Whelan Method takes an opposing stance. For those aiming for a boy, intercourse is recommended four to six days before ovulation, while those hoping for a girl should engage in intercourse two to three days before ovulation or on the day of ovulation. Elizabeth Whelan, Sc.D., posits that biochemical changes in a woman's body favor the Y-bearing sperm during earlier phases of her cycle.

Interestingly, the season of the year can also influence sperm production. A study in Israel involving 6,000 men with normal sperm production revealed that sperm production peaks during the winter.

Pursuing a Girl: Position and Diet

For couples aspiring to have a girl, the recommendation is to have the woman on top, allowing her to control penetration depth. This strategy prevents deep penetration, ensuring that male sperm, which have shorter lifespans, expire before reaching the egg, increasing the likelihood of conceiving a girl. Studies from the University of Exeter in England suggest that mothers can favor having a girl by consuming calcium and magnesium-rich foods like yogurt, spinach, tofu, almonds, cashews, beans, oatmeal, broccoli, and oranges while avoiding salt and potassium-rich foods such as anchovies, olives, bacon, salami, smoked salmon, shrimp, potatoes, processed meats, bread, and pastries. These dietary changes may impact the cervical mucus consistency and pH, potentially influencing the sperm's chances of carrying an X or Y chromosome.

Pursuing a Boy: Position and Diet

To maximize the chances of conceiving a boy, the suggested position involves the man on top in the Missionary position, with the woman's buttocks elevated on a pillow for deeper sperm deposition closer to the cervix. After intercourse, lying on the back for about fifteen minutes allows the sperm to navigate towards the fallopian tubes in their quest to fertilize the egg. In terms of the woman's diet, increasing caloric intake by approximately 400 calories daily with potassium and salt-rich foods such as red meat, cereal, bananas, fish, vegetables, and other energy-rich sources is advised. These dietary alterations are believed to affect the uterine environment, potentially favoring the conception of a boy.

While these positions and dietary recommendations are grounded in research, it's important to note that they do not guarantee the gender of the baby. Nevertheless, they can add an element of fun and experimentation to the journey of conception.

Important Note: If you've been actively trying to conceive for a year or more without success, it's advisable to seek consultation with a professional fertility specialist.

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