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Do you really know what sex is?

When it comes to sexuality, many people's first reaction is shyness.

As an adult, sex is a topic that can't be avoided and is an integral part of your future life, so it's important to know and understand what sex is all about to make it easier to cope with it afterwards.

Is intercourse the only sex life?

Many people think of intercourse as sex, and there is certainly nothing wrong with that; in fact, intercourse belongs to the sexual act, it just makes up the lion's share of sexual life.

Sexual life, refers to in order to satisfy their sexual needs fixed or irregular sexual contact, including embrace, kissing, sexual intercourse and so on.

 Sexual life is not limited to intercourse.

Sexual life itself is based on the word life, so the harmony of sexual life depends on the little things in daily life, not limited to how it is in bed.

The Process of Sexual Intercourse

As most people know about the process of sexual intercourse, it requires foreplay, followed by the "rush".

The general procedure is: the transmission of sexual signals, flirting (foreplay), sex point caressing, coitus activity, orgasmic performance and after the warmth of the aftermath (afterplay) several stages.

Sexual Signaling

It refers to the mutual transmission of sexual desires and feelings between husband and wife.

Correctly grasping and reasonably transmitting sexual signals is a sign of civilization, which is beneficial to enhancing the feelings of both parties and accelerating sexual arousal.

Normal couples have the desire for sex and their own sexual signals, but out of civilization, reason, shyness and other factors, not everyone will express this desire.

Usually people use implicit or implicit way to express sexual requirements, prior to give each other sexual signals is a prelude to a harmonious sex life.

However, some people without sexual knowledge or between unsuitable spouses will reduce this process.

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Due to the constant pumping and friction, sexual excitement gradually accumulates, when sexual excitement reaches the excitement threshold of the "shooting" center, the parasympathetic nerves are excited at the same time, which causes a series of "shooting" actions such as spasms of the bladder sphincter, paroxysmal contraction of the vas deferens and smooth muscles of the vesicoureteral glands. This will cause a series of "shooting" actions such as spasm of the bladder sphincter, paroxysmal contraction of the smooth muscles of the vas deferens and seminal vesicle glands, and so on, which will lead to orgasm.

In fact, this paragraph is very good to understand, simply put is in the "sprint" process, the penis will be sexually excited, and when you reach the "shooting" threshold, triggering a series of "shooting" action! The first thing you need to do is to get to a point where you can have an orgasm.

After the orgasm, the sex center from excitement to inhibition, the parasympathetic nervous system from the state of excitement to inhibit the state, the erection quickly disappeared.

Post-orgasmic scene

Sexual after-drama, or sexual after-play, refers to the sexual activities after the completion of sexual intercourse. This is the last link in the chain of sexual intercourse, as a follow-up and supplement to sexual intercourse.

There are some differences in the timing of the sexual response cycle between men and women, with women having a longer withdrawal period than men, and some women experiencing a sloping decline in sexual tension, at which point they still want to receive a certain amount of appropriate sexual stimulation.

Sometimes, in sexual intercourse, one party did not reach orgasm, more need to have supplementary sexual stimulation. The main forms of sexual afterplay are words and caresses. Neglect of sexual afterplay or poor sexual afterplay is one of the common causes of sexual disharmony.

The danger of excessive sexual intercourse

I believe that many people have heard of seven times a night so that this is pure nonsense, some people must want to ask, (that small movie can be) this kind of video, usually give the actors to take some drugs certainly can not be counted.

And sexual intercourse multiple times a day is very unhealthy and can seriously affect one's physical state.

  1. For both men and women, will cause greater physical exertion. In the long run, it is bound to cause a decline in physical and mental state, thinking ability, memory, analytical ability.
  2. Due to the continuous and repeated occurrence of sexual impulses, both men and women will increase the burden on the sexual control nerve center and sexual organs, regular fatigue will cause sexual exhaustion, resulting in sexual function, "aging first".

3, men often have sex many times, will prolong the ejaculation time. Because the second sexual life ejaculation time is certainly longer than the first. This is buried induced impotence, ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, sexual life without pleasure hidden trouble.

  1. Men have a period of inappropriateness after sex, that is, there is a period of time after the end of sex no longer react to sexual stimulation. Multiple sexual intercourse will prolong the period of inappropriateness, which will easily cause sexual function decline.
  2. men often have sex many times, due to repeated and persistent congestion of the sexual organs, will induce prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis and other disorders, resulting in perineal discomfort, back pain, but also blood sperm. Women often have sex many times, the sex organs are always in a state of congestion, will induce pelvic congestion, lower body heavy feeling and other discomforts.
  3. Regardless of men and women, many times in sexual life, the degree of sexual satisfaction is certainly worse than the previous one, so it is easy to cause psychological impact, that their own sexual ability has a problem, and ultimately may lead to psychogenic sexual dysfunction.A woman in a sling on a bed.

Benefits of sex life

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, sex life is no exception, appropriate sex life both physiological and psychological, have a lot of benefits, after all, the word sex, half psychological, half physiological.

  1. Weight loss: sex life is equivalent to a jogging, can burn calories, to maintain body shape.
  2. pain relief: after sex, the brain will secrete endorphins, which can relieve the body's pain, and help to sleep.
  3. Regularize menstruation: Women who have sex at least once a week can make their menstruation regular.
  4. Relaxation and stress relief: Sex is a good way to relax and relieve stress.
  5. Boosts self-confidence: Some studies say that if a person performs well in bed, then his self-confidence will increase greatly.

6 Increase Happiness: Some surveys show that a wonderful sex can make a person more happy than money.

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Sex is an important part of a couple's life and a necessity for human survival and reproduction, and there is a great need for both men and women to understand the common sense about sex.

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