Does abortion hurt? Sharing from someone with experience

In general, abortion will be painful, the specific degree is related to the week of pregnancy and the individual's physical condition. Abortion is painful, abortion needs to be operated in the uterine cavity, when performing abortion, first of all, the vagina and cervix should be sterilized, the cervix is clamped with cervical forceps for pulling, and then the cervical osphagus is dilated with the appropriate instruments, after the cervical osphagus is dilated to a certain extent, then the suction tube is extended into the uterine cavity, connected to the negative-pressure suction device, so that it produces a negative pressure, and removes the embryo and the endometrium from the uterine cavity. This process causes relatively strong irritation to both the cervical opening and the uterine lining, which affects the nerves and therefore causes more pronounced pain. The level of pain varies from person to person due to the different weeks of pregnancy and the individual's physical condition and perception of pain. If the pain is unbearable, anesthesia can be used first to relieve the pain.

Surgery on the operating table

The International Health Organization, WHO, advocates the use of drugs and surgery to improve the reproductive system after abortion, had added secondary injuries, and complications; through the food as a supplement, the reproductive system synthesis postpartum restoration of nutrition-based, rapid repair of uterine damage, had added to the body of estrogen, improve the uterine blood flow, improve the endometrial abnormality, the inflammation of the female reproductive system, and the weakness of the body after the abortion.

What if the patient is particularly afraid of pain:

Abortion surgery is painful, however, this pain is not particularly severe, about 80% of women can bear it, and about 20% of women may not be able to bear it because they are more nervous.:

  • The pain of the abortion procedure is felt in two main ways:
  • The pain during dilation of the cervix, this pain is the most intense;

Pain during suction or scraping, this pain is relatively mild.

If the patient is particularly afraid of pain, there are two options:

  • Have a painless abortion. After anesthesia is administered for painless abortion, the patient is not conscious, so he or she does not feel any pain when having an abortion, but the cost is relatively high and the damage to the patient's body is relatively large.give or have an injection
  • Patients can choose to use painkillers such as Mifepristone or Shitex pessary or cervical softening drugs such as Misoprostol before the abortion procedure, which can reduce the pain to a lower level and be tolerated by the patient when the cervix is dilated.

An unavoidable side effect of any type of abortion is post-partum inflammation and infection, and these can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, secondary infertility, ectopic pregnancy, and other more pernicious post-abortion side effects, so post-partum restoration must come first, and restorative nutrients must be used in a complementary manner. Repairing the uterine damage produced by the abortion process, avoiding post-abortion infections, and preventing the after-effects of abortion.

Surgery on the operating table

How much does abortion hurt a woman:

Abortion is more harmful to women will lead to excessive bleeding, and even cause anemia, and in serious cases may lead to infection, resulting in female infertility.

Abortion can be selected according to the situation of drug abortion or surgical abortion under the guidance of a doctor, but after the operation will generally cause some damage to the female uterus, affecting the repair of the uterine lining, and most of the postoperative phenomenon will be more than the phenomenon of vaginal bleeding, serious cases may cause female anemia, if the resistance is weaker physically weak, there may be infections and other situations causing female infertility.

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