Mutual Masturbation

Double Your Pleasure with Mutual Masturbation!

What Does Mutual Masturbation Entail?

Mutual Masturbation involves both partners engaging in the pleasurable act of self-stimulation simultaneously, with the intention of arousing and satisfying each other. It is a unique form of sexual activity that allows for a shared experience of pleasure and intimacy. Unlike solo masturbation, mutual masturbation involves the presence and participation of a trusted partner, adding an exciting element of trust and connection. It is a loving and caring act that brings pleasure and enjoyment to both individuals involved.

What Are the Benefits of Mutual Masturbation?

Mutual masturbation can greatly enhance your sexual relationship by providing a deeper understanding of your partner's pleasure triggers. It offers a safe and satisfying sexual experience without the risk of STIs or unwanted pregnancies. Additionally, it allows couples to explore their sexuality together and engage in intimate activities beyond penetrative intercourse, known as "outercourse".

Interestingly, one of the most common requests from heterosexual men is to watch their partner masturbate. Surprisingly, it surpasses requests for oral sex or other forms of penetration. This desire stems from the fact that men often find pleasure in witnessing someone else's pleasure.

Mutual Masturbation

However, like any sexual activity, mutual masturbation requires a certain level of skill. It can initially feel daunting or awkward, particularly when with a new partner. It's also essential to consider the setting in which you engage in this activity. Dr. Ava Cadell, a renowned expert from Loveology University, suggests comfortable locations such as a bed, sofa, bathtub, or in front of a cozy fireplace. This ensures a relaxed and enjoyable experience, avoiding any unexpected interruptions, such as being caught by family members during a holiday gathering in the basement.

As with any new sexual endeavor, it is crucial to engage in open discussions beforehand to avoid potential awkwardness. This includes addressing preferences and boundaries, such as whether you prefer to be directed or enjoy providing guidance. Understanding each other's likes and dislikes ensures a pleasurable experience without any off-putting moments. Communication is key to making mutual masturbation a fun and mutually desired activity.

Dr. Cadell advises starting the experience by taking a moment to connect deeply with your partner. Slowly and steadily, maintain eye contact as you undress, allowing the anticipation to build. This step doesn't have to be lengthy but helps foster relaxation and a sense of connection. It's also an ideal opportunity to pay your partner a sexy compliment, expressing your intense attraction and desire. Let them know how irresistibly attractive they appear in that moment.

By taking it slow, you can build sexual tension gradually, savoring each moment. Don't be afraid to express your pleasure through moans and groans, signaling to your partner that you are thoroughly enjoying the experience. Additionally, incorporating sex toys can add an extra level of excitement and pleasure to the encounter.

Mutual Masturbation

Dr. Cadell suggests, "Delicately explore your own body using both your fingers and the toy, all while observing your partner's self-pleasure in return. Embrace a leisurely pace, allowing yourself to truly savor each touch, while being aware that your partner becomes increasingly aroused with every passing moment."

Varying positions will also provide your partner with captivating visuals. "Experiment with different angles, such as the doggy style position," she advises. "Part your legs slightly to initiate gentle penetration with your fingers or the toy. Engage in a rocking motion, moving your hips from side to side as the device glides in and out of you. If you initially began from the front, consider switching things up and exploring from behind. And don't hesitate to encourage your partner to switch positions as well if it adds to the sensuality."

Finally, when the time comes, relish in the pleasure of witnessing each other's climaxes, which adds to the excitement of engaging in self-pleasure and indulging in intimate moments together.

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