Foot Fetishism

Foot Fetishism: When Feet Turn You On

Have you ever wondered about the concept of a foot fetish? I'm not talking about simply finding someone's feet aesthetically pleasing or having a minor attraction to feet, such as enjoying toe kissing or sucking during intimate moments. I'm referring to a complete and intense fetish solely focused on feet.

Individuals with a foot fetish experience sexual arousal from feet. Whether it's looking at feet, incorporating them into power exchange or sexual play, or simply having thoughts about feet and its various connotations, foot fetishism is unique for each person, making it impossible to generalize the experience for all.

Throughout the years, I've had conversations with many individuals who have a foot fetish. They've shared that there needs to be a sexually enticing and alluring context involving feet to trigger their arousal from the fetish. Interestingly, all the foot fetishists I've spoken to have expressed a preference for female feet; I haven't encountered anyone with a fetish for men's feet.

Foot Fetishism

In the vivid imaginations and fantasies of these fetishists, arousing feet may be depicted as bare or lightly adorned with sandals or strappy shoes. Toenails may be painted or left natural. Sometimes, the fantasies involve foot worship, massages, kissing, or even the feet playing with the fetishist's body, especially their genitalia. Other times, they enjoy the idea of merely observing these attractive feet from afar. Licking cum from feet, whether voluntarily or under a "forced" scenario, is also a popular fantasy for some.

Separate from Boot Worship and a High Heels Fetish

Frequently, individuals harbor multiple kinks or fetishes, which can either share a common theme or be entirely distinct from one another. While it might seem convenient to categorize boot worship and the fetish for high heels and other alluring footwear under the same umbrella as foot fetishism, they are, in fact, fundamentally different entities.

What makes High Heels so sexually appealing?

High heels have a certain allure and sexiness due to several reasons, such as:

  • The media often portrays high heels as symbols of seduction and allure.
  • Wearing high heels can create the illusion of longer, leaner, and more toned legs.
  • At the same time, wearing high heels may evoke feelings of vulnerability and delicacy, leading to a sense of protectiveness from those observing.
  • Walking in high heels can cause a swaying of the hips, accentuating the erotic curves of the body and drawing attention to the wearer's sexual appeal.
  • For many submissives in FemDom dynamics, high heels symbolize femininity and are associated with the idea of female superiority in a BDSM context.
Foot Fetishism

What makes Boot Worship so sexually appealing?

Apart from the reasons why high heels are considered sexy, boots have their own unique appeal to enthusiasts and fetishists. Several factors contribute to the erotic and enticing nature of boots, including:

  • The material from which boots are made, such as leather or PVC, often elicits a strong kink or attraction.
  • Knee-length or thigh-high boots not only cover the feet but also sheathe the calves, accentuating the curves of the legs in tight-fitting material.
  • Thigh-high boots are often associated with Dominant women, as they are portrayed in various media like TV shows and films, and frequently worn by pro-Dommes.
  • Boots made of leather, PVC, or similar materials create a physical barrier between the wearer's skin and the observer or submissive. This boundary symbolizes the distinction in roles between the Dominant and submissive, with the Dominant's skin considered sacred and protected behind the tangible barrier.
  • Boots can be seen as a form of armor for Dominant individuals. Made of durable materials and covering parts of the body, they may also feature high heels that can be perceived as potentially painful and dangerous weapons.

While someone with a foot fetish may also have a kink or fetish for high heels and/or boots, it is evident that these preferences are distinct and not synonymous.

Is having a foot fetish morally or psychologically harmful?

Every now and then, I come across comments on Facebook groups or hear hushed discussions among acquaintances from various walks of life about people with unconventional kinks. There still seems to be a prevailing sense of stigma surrounding anything other than conventional, vanilla sex in the dark, once a week, with a simple and straightforward approach. Those who deviate from this norm often face a hefty dose of shame.

I am aware that some individuals have reclaimed the term 'pervert,' much like others, including myself, have reclaimed the word 'slut,' viewing it as a label to wear proudly without any shame. However, it's unfortunate that many others in the world still use these words derogatorily, even in this advanced era of the 21st century.

They spit out the word 'pervert' as if it signifies the worst possible thing someone could be, disregarding the fact that these supposed 'kinky' practices, including foot fetishes, occur in private, between consenting adults, and cause no harm to anyone. Moreover, it is no one else's business to judge.

Is having a foot fetish wrong or harmful? I firmly believe that it is not.

Are foot fetishists perverts? Not in the derogatory, stigmatizing way that some people intend it. However, if you belong to the sex-positive, open-minded, or BDSM community, and perceive the term 'pervert' as a liberating and empowering label, wearing it with pride, then more power to you. It all comes down to individual perspectives on the word 'pervert'!

Foot fetishism is not confined to a specific gender.

While my interactions with foot fetishists and their admiration for my feet have mainly been from men in a FemDom and BDSM context, it's essential to clarify that foot fetishism is not limited by gender. Feet, by nature, are not gender-specific, so the fetish is equally diverse.

Just like anal sex and the use of anal sex toys, foot fetishism is not exclusive to any particular gender or sexual orientation. In fact, I have an intriguing and arousing anecdote about a foot-worship-themed FemDom session with a female submissive from some years ago. I hope you find it enjoyable.

Foot Fetishism

The physical and psychological factors contributing to a foot fetish.

What makes feet so alluring and enticing? Why do some people have a foot fetish, and how does this fetish play out and find satisfaction within a romantic or dominant/submissive relationship?

Below are several reasons why an individual may find feet particularly psychologically and erotically stimulating:

  • Feet hold symbolic power as they carry the weight of a person and serve as a means of transportation. In D/s dynamics, feet can be utilized to exert dominance, crushing or trampling objects underfoot. This opens up fantasies like barefoot trampling over a submissive or engaging in CBT such as ball crushing or ball kicking.
  • A person's feet can emit sweat and strong odors, which some submissives find appealing in a sadistic/masochistic context. They may enjoy being forced to sniff or lick sweaty feet, reinforcing the power exchange and sense of dominance and submission.
  • Sweaty feet can also be associated with hard work in a person's life, such as their job or exercise routine, which is commendable and deserving of respect. Submissives may enjoy being humiliated as "lazy" while their dominant is seen as "hardworking," creating a distinction between perceived superiority and inferiority .
  • Feet can become extremely sore, providing an opportunity for pampering and soothing attention. This care can take the form of a stress-relieving foot bath, foot massage with scented oils or lotions, or an arousing display of control through foot worship, such as kissing, licking, and toe-sucking.
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