Rainbow Kiss

Learn how rainbow kisses can lead to better sex.

Meaning of Rainbow Kiss

The word Rainbow Kiss sounds and beautiful, but its essence is mysterious, hidden behind its name with the opposite meaning, a word that came to the limelight because of TikTok. So what exactly is Rainbow Kiss about? It actually talks about the sexual act of exchanging semen and semen blood, a sexual act whose audience is usually adults with a bodily fluid fetish, in which men and women's bodily fluids flow close to each other's mouths through the 69 position, and the kiss, which is a mingling of bodily fluids in each other's mouths, is made up of a kiss made up of red and white colors of menstrual blood and semen blending together in a single kiss, called a rainbow kiss.
Dr. Wendasha Jenkins Hall, an Atlanta-based sex educator and founder of The Sensible Sexpert, believes that the rainbow kiss, which usually begins in position 69, likely evolved from the concept of menstrual sex.
In order to perform the rainbow kiss, a partner will typically lick a woman's cunt while she is on her period and receive oral sex at the same time. It essentially involves 69-ing during menstruation, and after the man ejaculates into the other's mouth, they share a kiss in which menstrual blood mixes with semen, hence the term's "rainbow" connotation.

Is rainbow kissing safe?

With this sexual act comes the question of whether or not it is safe to perform, which can be dangerous if not done properly. Any sexual act that involves the exchange of bodily fluids poses potential health risks. The key to safe participation is regular testing for sexually transmitted infections. Semen and menstrual blood can carry a variety of infectious particles such as HIV, syphilis and hepatitis, so it's vital to know your partner's STI status, and if you're not sure, don't engage in rainbow kissing. It is recommended to seek medical attention before doing so.

Clearly define the boundaries between the two partners

After confirming that each other is free of infectious diseases, the next step to take is communication, which is vital to reach an agreement, as well as a clear understanding of boundaries, safe words and limits. So how do you clarify the boundaries and limits for both parties? How is communication to take place? First of all, ask questions about having a rainbow kiss, both parties ask questions and concerns, discuss them together, don't be demanding, is important, there is a difference between a demand and a question, zone these two points can help you to communicate. Rainbow kissing is usually done between partners who prioritize safety precautions and clear communication.

communication between men and women


Performing a rainbow kiss requires synchronizing the timing of both partners to avoid holding blood or semen in the mouth for long periods of time. Keeping the liquid in your mouth for a long time can create a sense of not, which can be detrimental to the kiss later on or can lead to a bad experience, so it's important to re-emphasize that communication and consent are vital. It is recommended to avoid brushing or flossing before engaging in unprotected oral sex to prevent micro abrasions in the mouth.

time synchronization
Rainbow kissing may be a way for some people to enjoy period sex, a practice that is becoming less taboo. It's not just about physical pleasure; some elements of menstrual sex may appeal to people with different fetishes and kinks, such as blood play. Consent and boundaries play an important role in such activities, and the use of flavored lubricants can add an extra sensual dimension.

Woman holding a chili pepper.
Dr. Wendasha Jenkins Hall stressed the importance of taking precautions when having sex with a new partner, especially during menstruation. By focusing on external stimuli, it is possible to perform cunnilingus on a menstruating person without touching blood.
It is important to avoid stigmatizing individuals for their proclivities and kinks, as lapses in judgment can lead to unsafe practices and discourage open discussions with healthcare providers. Accepting different sexual behaviors can lead to a safer experience.
Finally, it is important to remember that individuals should be free to explore their desires without judgment, as long as all activities are consented to by adults and do not involve harm, children, or animals. If rainbow kissing isn't for you, that's okay, and it's vital to respect the choices of others.

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