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Seven Dangers of Sexual Dissonance

The seven dangers of sexual disharmony in couples are fighting at the head of the bed and harmony at the end of the bed. Sex life is a bridge for couples to enhance their relationship, and the harm of sexual disharmony between couples is great. First of all, it will affect the intimate relationship between husband and wife and lead to various diseases. The following are the seven major dangers of sexual disharmony in couples. You must know!

Sexual dysfunction

Sexual disharmony not only affects the happiness of men and women's sexual life, but also affects the intimate relationship between husband and wife.

In serious cases, it can lead to sexual dysfunction of one or both spouses, and even jeopardize the marriage life. Long-term disharmonious sex life will also harm men, making them prone to impotence, premature ejaculation and chronic prostate diseases, as well as causing psychological damage and undermining their self-esteem, self-confidence and trust in their loved ones.

Causes pharyngitis in men

Sexual disharmony and male pharyngitis, it seems to be an incompatible issue, but the Israeli medical staff in 10,000 men's health dynamics tracking survey found that: within five years, in the male pharyngitis group found a common reason for the poor quality of their marriages, their wives do not have the warmth for them.

Happy and satisfying sex life can give people a spiritual enjoyment.

Induces lobular hyperplasia and breast cancer

If the sex life is not harmonious, such as orgasm is not easy to cause, then the breast engorgement will subside slowly, and breast pain and chest discomfort may occur.

In fact, this is caused by breast engorgement, which is also one of the causes of breast enlargement - frequent engorgement will inevitably lead to disruption of the breast structure.

breast pain

If the long-term lack of sexual life, the breast as a sex organ can not long-term stimulation of sexual excitement, the structure and function of the breast can not get good exercise, can also make the physiological growth and recovery of the breast can not be carried out smoothly, thus increasing the incidence of breast hyperplasia.

In addition to breast hyperplasia, sexual disharmony is also prone to breast pain and induce breast cancer. Data show that among breast cancer patients, the proportion of elderly unmarried, hypogonadal and widowed women is significantly higher than others. This suggests that women without a normal sex life and sexually apathetic are at a much higher risk of developing breast cancer.

female apathy

There are many reasons for female apathy. Overwork and illness can affect people's sexual desire.

In addition, there are mental and psychological factors, such as receiving wrong sex education when young, and all kinds of uneasiness and fear left behind by the stimulation of some sexual experiences.

One of the more important reasons is that both husband and wife do not understand the sexual physiological and psychological characteristics of men and women. Especially husbands do not understand the differences between men and women's reactions, often ignoring the warmth, so that the wife can not experience pleasure and orgasm in sexual life, naturally bored with sexy.

According to a foreign statistics, more than 75% of men in the beginning of sex 2-6 minutes into the climax of ejaculation, into the period of inappropriateness, the end of sex; most women need 8 minutes - only 15 minutes of sexual intercourse time to reach orgasm.

This male-female sexual physiological imbalance is the enemy of a harmonious sex life, often one of the important triggers of a variety of psychosexual and sexual physiological disorders.

Suffering from neurosis

Sex helps to reduce stress in life and work, relieves tension and makes people happier, more fulfilled and confident. Unsatisfied with sex, women either become irritable, angry, and like to use trivial matters as an excuse to quarrel and vent their dissatisfaction; or they become frustrated and sad, self-pitying, and resentful of their sexual partners. Many women suffer from neurosis.

Angry woman.

Leads to insomnia

Surveys have found that an imperfect sex life is a major cause of insomnia in some people. When a person is in a period of high sexual desire and is not given physical outlet for a long time, the nervous system is in a state of high excitement and insomnia ensues.

This is more prominent in women. This is because there is a great disparity between male and female sexual desire, orgasm, and extinction of sexual desire in an instant.

Sleping man

Men's libido can be stimulated quickly, they can reach orgasm quickly throughout intercourse, and their libido can subside quickly after orgasm. Therefore, once men reach orgasm (or even masturbate), they can quickly and safely fall asleep.

However, women are different. Women's libido should have a long initiation process and a long plateau period.

Even after orgasm, the decline in libido is slow. As a result, it is more difficult for women than men to achieve perfect harmony during sexual intercourse, and therefore women are more prone to insomnia.

Therefore, American psychologists suggest that a significant cause of insomnia in women is the lack of a normal sex life or an inharmonious and imperfect sex life.

Leads to Gynecological Inflammation

If women cannot achieve sexual satisfaction, the sexual physiological response is interrupted, and the congestion of the pelvis and external genitalia cannot subside in time, leading to chronic pelvic blood accumulation.

If there is no sexual satisfaction for a long time, the uterus of a woman with chronic pelvic hemorrhage will increase two to three times. In the long run, women are prone to a series of gynecological inflammations such as vaginitis, endometritis, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease and so on.

Sexual life can not only greatly relieve the life and mental stress accumulated in people's lives. It can better regulate the balance of human nervous, endocrine and immune systems.

In sexually disharmonious families, couples are not harmonious, often turn against each other, quarrel endlessly, and do not humble each other, resulting in a tense psychological atmosphere in the family, which will make people worry, anxiety, frustration, reluctance to eat, sleeplessness, increased fatigue, and reduce immune function.

Induce a variety of diseases. Often cause gastric and duodenal ulcers, hypertension, coronary heart disease, and even one of the causes of cancer.

These are the harms that sexual disharmony may cause.

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