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Her sexual pleasure shouldn't end after your orgasm.

Within our conventional wisdom, the concept of premature ejaculation is usually associated with men, while women do not have the same problem of reaching orgasm too early. This distinction stems from the differences in sexual response between the sexes. Many women can experience multiple orgasms during a single act or masturbation, whereas men tend to have only one, after which there is a period of incontinence, so it can be more challenging for men to experience multiple orgasms during a single act or masturbation.
When men orgasm, it often signals the end of their active role in the sexual act. Then at this time if the woman doesn't orgasm then this can put pressure on the next male orgasm to not finish too quickly. But why can't men continue to please their partners after orgasm as women do? There are several factors that contribute to this phenomenon

Men and women release different chemicals in their bodies

First, when men orgasm, their brains release neurochemicals associated with relaxation and sleep, such as oxytocin, pressor and prolactin. This usually leads to a feeling of drowsiness. However, similar chemicals are released in the brains of both men and women, so differences in post-orgasmic behavior may be attributed to social expectations and conditioning.

Internal structure of men and women
In everyday life, because you don't have a plethora of sex education videos that would curriculum, pornography often becomes an unintentional source of sex education, and those videos usually depict sex as over once the male ejaculates. This cultural script, coupled with deep relaxation after intercourse, can make men feel like the sexual encounter is over.
Additionally, if men are penetrative partners during sex, they may exert more physical energy than their partners, leading to feelings of exhaustion. The non-reproductive period, the time between one orgasm and the ability to have another, also plays a role. Individual differences also exist between men, with each man experiencing different periods of ineligibility, and this difference manifests itself most clearly in age differences, ranging from a few minutes for younger men to hours or even a day for older men.
On the other hand, women do not have a period of incontinence like men. While they do experience post-orgasmic relaxation, they tend to become sensitive, especially after clitoral orgasms. This sensitivity may require a break to regain stimulation.

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Regardless of your partner's gender, if you orgasm first, they may want to continue the sexual experience, while men may feel too tired to penetrate further. In this case, here are some tips to provide a satisfying experience for both partners:

1. Engage in sensual kissing

During your period of inappropriateness, take time to kiss your partner and explore their body. Use your mouth to express your continued interest.

2. Sensual touching

During your period of inappropriateness, you can touch each other's curves of your partner and kiss gently to maintain physical contact to express your desire.

3. Use of sex toys

Consider using sex toys to bring your partner to orgasm without the need for the man to get an erection again, and the woman's clitoral sensitivity to rest.

4. Oral sex

Consider performing oral sex to stimulate each other and get better sensations.

5. Talk dirty

Have erotic conversations, explore fantasies, and use your words to stimulate your partner's desire.
To keep the mood going until you're ready for another round you can do the following:

1. Mentally focus

Mentally focus on your desire for another orgasm by engaging in sexual fantasies, fantasizing about the next round with various actions as well as words etc.

2. Use movies to assist

You can use visual impact and stimulate your brain, this is the time when adult movies can work well, use adult movies and other erotic materials to keep the mood.

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3. Take a break

Ask for a break if needed, but keep your feelings and desire for your partner intact.
All in all remember that communication and shared desires play a vital role in satisfying your partner after your orgasm. This will leave your partner with a great sexual experience and plant a seed of desire for the next sexual act.

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