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The Best Beginner's Guide to the Rose Toy

Whenever it comes to strange sex toys, the Rose toy always comes to my mind. Although it may look peculiar, upon closer examination you will find that in addition to its portability and confusing appearance and unique sucking feature, it differs little from other clitoral stimulators.

If you are not familiar with the rose toy, it may surprise you after reading this article. So far it is not a new thing, for a product that has been on the market for 2 years to maintain this level of popularity is enough to show that it is a successful product. The essence is that it is a clitoral suction cup toy that claims to give you a soul-tearing orgasmic experience. Today we reveal the rose toy with a question often asked by users, how to use the rose toy.

With its disorienting appearance, many people will mistake it for a small Bluetooth speaker. This is also one of its most successful attributes, privacy. It has captured a lot of fans on that basis alone. That said, the Rose toy provides an excellent tool for women to explore their bodies, and next, I'll go into detail about her and show you how to get a tsunami of orgasms with it.

rose toy

What is a rose sex toy?

If you are a regular user of TikTok then you should be no stranger to the rose toy. It became popular thanks to a video and dozens of comments from users who claimed that the rose could make them have an amazing orgasm in no time. And it used to be flooded with positive comments about the rose toy on all major social media and spread rapidly across the internet with various viral hashtags.

It works by using air pulse technology to create a sucking force, while a micro-vibration motor inside combines sucking and vibration to bring constant stimulating pleasure.

How does the Rose Suck Vibrator work?

The core of the rose toy is a small hole, which is the core of it, just enough to wrap your honey spot and apply suction to mimic the sensation of cunnilingus. And at the same time, its vibrations are transmitted to each petal, providing a constant source of stimulation around your clitoris.

If you think that Rose can only be used as a clitoral toy, you are wrong. Its versatility allows him to easily perform as a nipple-sucking toy, in addition to other sensitive areas it can also work on.

In addition, it is waterproof, so you can use it with confidence in the bathtub, shower, or even the pool.

rose toy

How to use the Rose Suck Vibrator?

The best way to use the rose toy is to first apply lubricant to your clitoris and rose petals and wick, then hold the toy sideways and slowly move it to your pussy to align it with your clitoris. To learn exactly how to use it you can follow the steps I've provided below.

Step 1: Prepare beforehand

Before exploring the rose journey, the atmosphere of the scene is important, you can take a hot shower to clean the pussy, then set your music playlist, light the aromatherapy, and drink a glass of wine to adjust to the mood. When everything is just right then let's get started.

Step 2: Adequate lubrication

Lubricants play a very important role in sex, and masturbation needs the same help from lubricants. It allows you to smooth the transition and makes you feel more comfortable. When you masturbate with a toy when your pussy has not yet started to produce lubrication, too much friction between your skin and the surface of the toy may lead to discomfort or pain. Therefore, it is important to use lubricant when using the rose toy.

Step 3: Wrap your honey spot with a rose-sucking vibrator

Here's a tip, if you want to experience a more exciting sensation, you can apply a little pressure while your clitoris is wrapped around it to keep an airtight vacuum inside the core, and this will make the sucking more intense.

Step 4: Start your show

After warming up and lubricating, press and hold for three seconds to turn on the power, and press the switch again Rose began to work. If you are using it for the first time, I recommend that you start with the first gear, so that your body has a buffer to adapt to the process. Subsequently, if you need stronger stimulation can press the switch to adjust to the appropriate gear, and the corresponding increase in vibration and suction intensity. Well, take your time and enjoy.

rose toy

Other ways to use the Rose Suck Vibrator

If you want to continue to enjoy the rose toy, but your honey spot needs a break, change the goal. Just like the previous steps, put some lubricant on your nipples and the toy and start your nipple play.

In addition to nipples, you can also use it on the inner thighs, belly button, feet, and even armpits or other areas you like, which is perfectly fine and Rose Toys are safe.

You can also share your pleasure with your partner. Give your partner control of the rose and it will make a great foreplay toy, many people use it to orgasm before they have sex.

Wrap Up!

The rose toy claims to give users soul-tearing orgasms, and indeed, it can. It offers women a new way to explore their bodies. You can have this mind-blowing orgasmic experience if you follow the steps outlined in this article step by step. Please take care to have a change of bed sheets ready.

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