Shower Intimacy

Tips for Making the Most of Shower Intimacy

I've experienced some truly incredible moments of intimacy in the shower. There have also been instances when shower activities were less than satisfying, and a few times where they bordered on being outright risky. The topic of shower sex has been on my mind lately, partly due to our recent relocation to a new, pristine home equipped with not one, but two showers – an en-suite one and an over-bath option in the family bathroom. Amidst the nostalgic recollections of past shower escapades, another question has been lingering: does the allure of shower sex truly outweigh the potential challenges? Today, I'm delving into my top recommendations for shower intimacy. Continue reading to uncover my insights.

Engaging in intimate activities within the confines of a shower has always carried an air of novelty. The cascade of warm water, the slipperiness of the suds, the knowledge that any messiness – be it saliva or other fluids – can be instantly rinsed away. During the initial stages of my romantic journey with my partner, our encounters in the shower were a relatively regular occurrence. It's not that the desire for steamy and soapy encounters has waned over time; rather, it's the shift in our shower space that has influenced the frequency.

Our previous residence offered a rather restricted shower area. In fact, to say it was limited would be an understatement; even in the en-suite shower, I found maneuvering challenging, and attempting to cultivate an amorous atmosphere in a shower-over-bath arrangement lacked the same allure.

With our recent relocation, the situation has changed. Although I remain hesitant about rekindling the passion in the over-bath shower, the en-suite cubicle boasts more breathing space and boasts a delightful waterfall showerhead. Additionally, the entire setup is refreshingly modern, a far cry from the somewhat dated decor of our previous abode. There's an undeniable appeal to a newly designed bathroom. Maybe it's time to revisit the playful escapades of shower intimacy.

What makes shower intimacy appealing?

  • The closeness of sharing the wet, comforting environment.
  • Cleansing each other serves as an enjoyable and functional type of prelude.
  • Regardless of how much you indulge, the swift return to cleanliness is both uncomplicated and enjoyable.
  • If your living situation involves others, the shower offers privacy and the assurance of a lockable entrance.
  • Engaging in intimacy beyond the confines of the bed can invigorate and bring a thrilling new dimension to your sexual journey.

What are the challenges of shower intimacy?

  • Showers often lack space, limiting your freedom of movement.
  • While the sensation of soapy suds is delightful, the combination of slipperiness and tiled surfaces can pose safety concerns.
  • If condom use is a must, applying them in the shower might prove to be cumbersome.
  • Achieving the right angles for comfortable standing penetration demands practice and adaptation due to restricted space.
  • When stability is necessary during foreplay, intercourse, or post-orgasm, finding a secure grip might be a challenge in a wet environment.

Certainly, when it comes to the practicalities and realities of shower intimacy, it's far from the idyllic and cozy image often portrayed. While movies may depict a scenario where you both find absolute comfort, effortlessly experiment with numerous positions, and miraculously avoid any slips or knee-banging encounters with tiles, the truth is quite different. As highlighted earlier, I strongly recommend adopting a lighthearted approach when engaging in shower sex. Approach it with a sense of ease, acknowledging that initial attempts might involve bumped shins, an unexpected tumble, challenges with achieving certain positions (if that's your aim), and the likelihood of both of you breaking into fits of laughter over the whole experience.

Shower Intimacy

When it comes to achieving a smooth and enjoyable experience during bath and shower amusements, silicone lubricant often steals the spotlight as the go-to option. Unlike other lubricants, silicone-based ones don't wash away with water, ensuring consistent lubrication even in the wet environment of the shower. While this may sound like a fantastic solution, it's worth considering the implications of excessive slipperiness in a confined space surrounded by unforgiving hard surfaces and potentially lacking sturdy handholds for support. Imagine reaching out for a rail with hands still slick from lube – not the most reassuring scenario, right?

Personally, I've managed just fine without relying on lube even for solo bath time pleasures. Silicone lubricant isn't my preference for personal use, as I lean towards the tactile feel of water-based options. This preference extends to my shared shower experiences with my partner. Given that we share a fluid bond, we've found that a bit of saliva suffices if additional lubrication is required. It's also worth noting that during previous instances of shower intimacy, I was on oral contraception, eliminating the need for condoms.

If you find yourself in a situation where the use of protective barriers is essential during intimate moments with your partner – whether for contraception or safety precautions with a new partner – indulging in penetrative vaginal, anal, or oral sex within the confines of the shower might not be the most convenient or comfortable choice. That's not to imply that the shower can't host any enjoyable experiences, but my suggestion would be to view the shower as a space for intimate and mood-enhancing foreplay. It offers the added advantage of ensuring both partners are thoroughly clean before transitioning to a drier, more comfortable setting. In this new location, you can readily access and incorporate safe sex barriers like condoms or dental dams as needed.

Shower sex, without a doubt, presents its own set of merits – provided you keep in mind its limitations and safety considerations compared to the more conventional setting of the bed. The change in location not only brings the allure of novel surroundings and the thrill of trying something new, but it also introduces various factors to be mindful of, including safe sex practices, finding comfortable positions, considering the need for lubrication or the inclusion of sex toys, and ensuring the safety of both partners to prevent slips or mishaps.


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